Friday, 19 March 2010

Ted Baker - In Ted We Trust

There is a little tag on every item from the British brand Ted Baker which says "In Ted We Trust". And indeed, we do. This season, you can trust you will be tempted to get several of his gorgeus pieces..

Emidius zebra printed strapless dress - Ted Baker

Hira beaded print mini dress - Ted Baker

Llonga jersey dress - Ted Baker

Flashie mid length skirt - Ted Baker

Mayne knee lenght skirt - Ted Baker

The Ted Baker brand came to life in the late 1980's, and are in my opinion one of the best medium priced English brands. The brand has elegance, playfulness, and a certain edge. I love what they have done with silk and chiffon this summer, creating a whimsical, yet stylish look. The watchword of spring/summer 2010 is Romance, and Ted Baker nails the trend. The minidresses compete with the superlong, oh so desireable, dresses, but if you do not have legs like Gisele Bundchen you will probably trip and fall in the longest ones.
I think it is wonderful that the skirt is back, after being a bit overshadowed by the dress the last couple of seasons. Everything is allowed,from high waist statements to school girl swing skirts or office pencils.
The dresses and the skirts above is some of my absolute favourites from Ted Baker this spring. To see more of his dresses you can visit his website - Ted Baker is to be found all over the UK, in Norway you could buy his items at Høyer last time I checked.
Are you feeling inspired to shop now?

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